Jane's Hand - The Jane Austen Songbooks

1. Silent Worship (Non Lo Diri Col Labbro) From 'Tolomeo'
2. Chastity, Thou Cherub Bright From 'Susanna'
3. Ask If You Damask Rose Be Sweet From 'Susanna'
4. Che Faro Senza Eurydice (What Alas Shall Orpheus Do?) From 'Orfeo Ed Eurydice'
5. The Lucky Escape
6. The Joys Of The Country
7. Lamplighter Dick
8. The Sailor's Adieu
9. Sound Argument: We Bipeds Made Up
10. Go, And On My Truth Relying
11. How Provoking Your Doubts. Do You Think I'm A Fool?
12. Tho' You Think By This To Vex Me
13. The Sapling Oak Lost
14. Of Plighted Faith So Truly Kept
15. The Faithful Shepherdess
16. I Have A Silent Sorrow Here
17. What Shall I Do To Shew How Much I Love Her
18. Ellen
19. Mary's Dream
20. Oh! Nanny
21. My Mother (Who Fed Me From Her Gentle Breast)
22. Goosey Goosey Gander

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